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KokosPeat Exports (Pvt) Ltd. & KokosFibre Exports (Pvt) Ltd. is in the coco peat and coir fibre industry. Our

products are considered to be the finest natural products which is eco-friendly, biodegradable and is used in

several applications.


Our companies are certified with ISO 9001:2015 “quality management systems” certification by SGS.


Canro which was the pioneer company of Kokos group was established in 1981 and the Chairman Mr. Randolph

Perera hasbeen in the fibre and coco peat industry for over 35 years spearheading his company to reach great

heights in the industry.


Our factories have been strategically established in Wellarawa in the Chilaw District and Wadumunnegedara in the Kuliyapitiya District which are key areas in the ‘coconut triangle’ with access to fibre mills in order to collect raw

material. With a workforce of over 250 employees, we create employment opportunities to villagers in these areas.


We annually export over 20,000 metric tons of coco peat and coir fibre products to a strong customer base globally.


Kokos owes much of its continued success to the hard work and determination of its employees and is an

organization where quality is never compromised and strict quality processes are in place to ensure that all

products adhere to international standards. Our innovative business measures, hands on approach and

contemporary thinking is recognized and we take pride in being one of the largest exporters of coco peat and coir

fibre products from Sri Lanka.


To be the leader in exports of coconut fibre, coco peat and fibre products from Sri Lanka by creating a brand and to be a staple asset worldwide. 



Our mission is to provide our customers with quality coconut fibre products while enhancing  the

assets of all stakeholders and to be the market

leader in all categories of coconut fibre and coco


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