Coir Twine is machine spun using Bristle Fibre or Mixed Fibre for several applications as per buyers' requirements.





Hop Twine is produced from Bristle Fibre which is the long fibre of the coconut husk. This product is mainly used in the USA for hop cultivation and manufactured with specific features to suit the hop industry.

Product Specifications

  • Breaking Strength: Ranging from 60 pounds to 100 pounds as per buyers' requirements
  • Packing: 100 strings per bundle. Length cut to buyers’ requirement
  • Packed in bales poly wrapped and strapped with polypropylene tape
  • Loadability: 24 – 28 bundles per bale, 150 bales per 40ft high cube container


Carpet Twine/ Garden Twine is manufactured with quality green husk Mixed Fibre with different thicknesses adequate for the carpet industry and stabilize plants in Greenhouses, Nurseries and Home Gardens.

Product Specifications

  • Packing: In hanks, spools or bales with runnage as per buyers’ requirement
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